First Quality Development Corporation is a dynamic full service development company utilizing their experience and expertise as a residential developer and builder. Our goal is to offer affordable living and great value to Southern California families.

In the past 7 years FQDC has completed and delivered over 170 single family homes. Our effort been directed towards the Southern California's Inland Empire, an area beginning 30 miles east of Los Angeles and encompasses both San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

We take advantage of the incentives being offered by cities for in-fill projects during our preparation of tracts for immediate development. Success is achieved with a hands-on philosophy, being compact and flexible group, through the help of pro-growth city governments, and the support of experienced consultants. We are able to expedite the entitlement process. Our Architectural Design consultants are dedicated to detecting new trends in the market place and to building the most innovative homes in our market segment.

We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach, and with keen awareness we are quick to respond to whatever changes are necessary to accommodate the needs of buyers in today's and tomorrow's market place.

In the Inland Empire market segment, where it is extremely price sensitive, the bottom line is "how much is the monthly payment?" We build in small phases of 12 to 14 homes at a time. With current interest rates we can retain our current house designs and make incremental price adjustments reflecting market forces with each phase.

Our firm is able to handle all aspects of this process: Acquisition, Entitlements, Development, Administration, Licensing, Build Out and Marketing of the Project.

F.Q.D.C. performs a wide variety of duties and wears many hats. Depending on the structure of each individual proposed project or agreement, we are able to complete the following.

  • Search for and secure land with or without tentative maps.
  • Structure the agreement or LLC with investors and or partners.
  • Provide all government processing. (City requirements, conditions of approval, zoning and planning).
  • Gather and coordinate all consultants required for the entitlement process, Architects, engineers, etc.
  • Obtain the best suited financing for the projects.
  • Study the local marketing to provide the best product.
  • Administrate the design and build process including but not limited to the following.
  • Complete the bid and purchasing process.
  • Provide and adjust all trade and vender contacts and scopes of work.
  • Prepare the bid analysis.
  • Assemble and supply all necessary information to all sub-contactors.
  • Coordinate and contract with all local utilities.
  • Prepare, track and manage all of the purchasing files.
  • Manage the payment process with the construction loan and process all bank draws.
  • Provide the job cost reports and monthly project reports.
  • Manage and schedule all field operations.
  • Provide the general contractors license.
  • Coordinate and manage the marketing program. “Models, Sales Office, sales and purchase agreements, option package etc.
  • Set up the customer service and warranty program.

We are very flexible in the types of projects, as we have a broad base of experience in the building industry. We are not limited to the Southern California Area.

My team and I are able to adapt to a variety of project environments, conditions and requirements quickly we overcome obstacles and find solutions and get the job done. My partnerships are structured for success for all involved.

We are California State Licensed and Fully Insured with Workers Compensation, General Liability and a Long list of Satisfied Customers.

The single most important decision when building is the selection of a contractor."

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